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New Year, New Ewe

New Year, New Ewe

Resolutions can be a trap. If we don’t fulfill them, we have failed. There’s pressure and, often, also the unrealistic expectations of someone else’s Instagram feed. So, no thanks. I do think setting goals is a good thing but as far as stepping into 2019, I decided to try something new with my goals– “anti-resolutions” maybe. Some things I’m trying to do less of:

  • Being impressed by how young a famous person looks. It’s probably a big part of their life and career to keep up those looks. And they probably spend a lot of money on it too. Should we be applauding all that pressure (especially on women) and fixation on youth? Probably not.
  • Judging myself for not reading as many books as I want to read. Starting and stopping a book you’re not that into is fine. Only having a short time to read is fine. Just keep reading.
  • Not speaking up in the moment. Being afraid of being judged or making people uncomfortable is human, but calling people on their bullshit is what preserves humanity. This is a muscle I need to exercise.
  • Feeling obligated to do anything ever. This has never served me well and it’s astonishing how much of life can be dictated by this feeling. I must refuse to give up my power of choice when I have it.
  • Placing any value on being thinner or weighing less. This one is hard because (huge societal issue aside) I can’t remember ever not being aware of my size in comparison to others, in photos, while clothes shopping, or when talking with other women about diet/exercise. The goal should be educating myself on my own health, feeling as healthy as I can day-to-day, and accepting that will change.
  • Getting distracted online super easily. It took me way too long to finish this post.
  • Not sharing my writing because it’s not prefect.

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Work in Progress

I’ve started bullet journaling and it’s really helping me prioritize my daily tasks so I’m more productive. I too often find myself sticking things I need to get done or want to accomplish on arbitrary lists, or in tracking apps that may or may not get much attention. Now I’ve been writing out plans daily, and doing the work of prioritizing. This was on my list today: “BLOG POST – SOMETHING.” As soon as I hit “Publish” I get to experience the great satisfaction of checking off that task in my journal. Happy New Year!

img_20170107_104121I tend to question almost everything… quite a lot sometimes, which is why it’s hard for me to post consistently on a blog. I can usually talk myself out of it. Lately, I’ve been thinking of posting and then getting stuck because half of me really wants to write about a movie I liked or a recipe I tried, but then the other half of me is frozen in after-election despair wondering, “Is there anything I can share that won’t feel inappropriately lackluster?” Not a helpful thought, I know. I’ve dealt with anxiety before, but never this constant or concrete. It’s a struggle. But the attitude that we should give up on sharing the stuff of everyday life because there’s work to be done is not helpful. Sharing is part of the work… Publish!