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Representation in Movies

Representation in Movies

The summer of 2016, I only saw three movies in the theater from May until September. This is unusual for me, since I love movies and enjoy most genres. But nothing really excited me. I saw Captain America: Civil War, Ghostbusters, and The Nice Guys. I enjoyed all three, but my favorite experience, by far, was Ghostbusters.

Watching four women save the world from ghosts was not only super fun, but it felt exciting in a way that was… specifically for me. I had goosebumps. It was honestly a little overwhelming. I went through a cycle of emotions after that– I was happy a big summer movie featuring women heroes existed, but I was also really irritated that so many movies still did not include women, POCs, and other perspectives in their stories. But maybe one day this wouldn’t feel so new and it would be normal to see everyone represented in wide-release summer movies?


[Cut to summer 2017]

This summer, the cinema has upped its game. Can we please talk about Wonder Woman?! I saw it opening night with my partner, and then gave it my money a second time with my best friend. (We both loved this movie in that specific Ghostbusters way.)

So hey, Hollywood– Now that I know what it feels like to watch movies that represent other experiences, I would like to see that all the time. It’s incredible. (And also you will make a lot of money, I promise.)

Recommendation: Go see Black Panther when it comes out because it looks fantastic!

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A Friday List #2

A Friday List #2

  • I recently started a podcast with my best friend after months of remarking, “it feels like we’re podcasting.” during our weekly FaceTime chats. It’s fun, nerve-racking, and a big learning experience. I love it. We have six episodes up so far on topics like bullet journaling, The Rock, aging, and TV.
  • Last week I started Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002), a collection of diary entries by David Sedaris. I haven’t read much about Sedaris, so this has been an interesting introduction to his early life so far. And I’m a sucker for journals.
  • Wonder Woman is now the #1 DCEU movie, #1 summer movie in the U.S., and #2 superhero origin movie of all time. I’m kind of a nerd for box office numbers and this makes me very happy.
  • My one and only sister is arriving today for a visit! We have swimming, movies, snacks, pedicures, and sister-time planned. I’m excited.