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I’ll Stick to Walking

I’ll Stick to Walking

People wake up and run miles every day, outside, to stay in shape. I’m not making this up. I’ve heard a lot about it on the internet.

Recently, Jeffrey Tambor told me (via his audio book) about how he once ran 10 miles a day to stay in shape for a rigorous work schedule for a play he was in. Side note: I enjoyed his memoir. It offers a lot of personal insight and fun tidbits like this:

Anyway, I suppose I “get” running. It works out your whole body, is good for your brain, burns calories more than almost anything else, can help manage anxiety, and is…fun? IDK. This clip comes to mind:

As someone who has always lived in an extremely warm climate, running outside confuses and fascinates me. It’s mostly too hot in the summer to even walk to my car most days without feeling miserable. I’ll admit propelling my body forward at a higher speed than I ever (probably) need to, the rush of the air, and the strong pumping of my heart does sound sort of appealing. Written down. Or in an air conditioned room.

Even assuming I could get used to waking up extra early before it’s “too hot,” and got in better shape so I eventually enjoyed running, getting to that point would require basically torturing myself for several months first. Alas, for now I will refuse to start my day gasping for oxygen, engulfed in sweat. Seems logical.