About Kim


I’m a thirty-something Texan currently living in Austin with my music-loving partner. I drink lots of coffee & tea, love spicy food & Cyndi Lauper, and have strong opinions on movies. I spend some of my time making lists, daydreaming about travel or dogs, and reading. In 2017, I started a podcast with my best friend. It’s become one of my very favorite things.

My personal goals include traveling to an ever-expanding lists of places, meeting Michelle Obama, adopting my own pack of rescue animals, and being able to share at least two traits with Wonder Woman.

I’m around Twitter and Instagram most days. I also have a healthy obsession with Pinterest.

In case you need a smile, here is a picture of a Brazilian Porcupine (adorable but sharp!):

(Photo Credit: Philadelphia Zoo)


Some things that always seem to get my attention:

  • nature documentaries
  • breakfast
  • a dog wearing a coat
  • travel photos
  • Tom Hiddleston

A few more things about me:

  • I’ve worn glasses since I was about two years old. (Gigantic, thick plastic style until I was about 12. Then things got more stylish in general.)
  • I’m jealous of everyone who has a dog and my whole life is leading up to adopting my own *pack.
  • No matter when you read this, I’ve watched an episode of a female-led TV comedy very recently. (See: 30 Rock, or Parks and Recreation, or Kimmy Schmidt, or The Mindy Project, or The Good Place, or you get the idea.)

*probably two dogs.