About Kim

I’m a thirty-something Texan currently living in Austin with my music-loving partner. I drink lots of coffee & tea, love spicy food & Cyndi Lauper, and have strong opinions on movies. I spend some of my time making lists, daydreaming about travel or dogs, and reading. In 2017, I started a podcast with my best friend. It’s become one of my very favorite things.

I’m around Twitter and Instagram most days. I also have a healthy obsession with Pinterest.

In case you need a smile, here is a picture of a Brazilian Porcupine (adorable but sharp!):

(Photo Credit: Philadelphia Zoo)


Some things that always seem to get my attention:

  • nature documentaries
  • breakfast
  • a dog wearing a coat
  • travel photos
  • Tom Hiddleston

A few more things about me:

  • I’ve worn glasses since I was about two years old. (Gigantic, thick plastic style until I was about 12. Then things got more stylish in general.)
  • I’m jealous of everyone who has a dog and my whole life is leading up to adopting my own *pack.
  • No matter when you read this, I’ve watched an episode of a female-led TV comedy very recently. (See: 30 Rock, or Parks and Recreation, or Kimmy Schmidt, or The Mindy Project, or The Good Place, or you get the idea.)

*probably two dogs.