New Year, New Ewe

New Year, New Ewe

Resolutions can be a trap. If we don’t fulfill them, we have failed. There’s pressure and, often, also the unrealistic expectations of someone else’s Instagram feed. So, no thanks. I do think setting goals is a good thing but as far as stepping into 2019, I decided to try something new with my goals– “anti-resolutions” maybe. Some things I’m trying to do less of:

  • Being impressed by how young a famous person looks. It’s probably a big part of their life and career to keep up those looks. And they probably spend a lot of money on it too. Should we be applauding all that pressure (especially on women) and fixation on youth? Probably not.
  • Judging myself for not reading as many books as I want to read. Starting and stopping a book you’re not that into is fine. Only having a short time to read is fine. Just keep reading.
  • Not speaking up in the moment. Being afraid of being judged or making people uncomfortable is human, but calling people on their bullshit is what preserves humanity. This is a muscle I need to exercise.
  • Feeling obligated to do anything ever. This has never served me well and it’s astonishing how much of life can be dictated by this feeling. I must refuse to give up my power of choice when I have it.
  • Placing any value on being thinner or weighing less. This one is hard because (huge societal issue aside) I can’t remember ever not being aware of my size in comparison to others, in photos, while clothes shopping, or when talking with other women about diet/exercise. The goal should be educating myself on my own health, feeling as healthy as I can day-to-day, and accepting that will change.
  • Getting distracted online super easily. It took me way too long to finish this post.
  • Not sharing my writing because it’s not prefect.

Photo Credit: Winniepix on Flickr

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