Month: February 2018

Hey! It’s Episode 013

Hey! It’s Episode 013

A new episode of Hey, Bestie! is live!

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A Friday List #3

A Friday List #3

  • I’ve been doing yoga every morning, every day, since the new year started. (Full disclosure: I started my streak on December 31st, and have missed 4 days off, but that’s not bad!) Yoga with Adriene does a 30-day series at the start of each new year for anyone at any level, so that really helped me get going. By sticking with at least 20 minutes of daily yoga, I’ve noticed BIG improvements in my range-of-motion and all around fitness. It’s been harder to stick to this week, since I was busier than usual.
  • “Busy” is a word that can mean a lot of things. Sometimes it means that you aren’t prioritizing properly, or that you are feeling anxious even though there’s not much going on, or that there are suddenly a lot of things on your plate that you didn’t plan for. Somehow I managed to be all three this week.
  • I’m very much a “Yay, it’s Friday!” person today, as evident by a graphic from my Instagram stories today:

Graphic from Instagram reads

  • I’ve been re-reading Mindy Kaling’s first book, as I tend to do at least once a year. She’s honest, funny, unapologetic about what she likes, and just generally very great. (Plus, she predicted Ghostbusters 2017 AND that there would be an all-ladies Ocean’s movie, which she is NOW STARRING IN. I’m very impressed.)

Have a great weekend!

Something About Sunday Night

Something About Sunday Night

I always think of this quote from Angela Chase (My So-Called Life) on Sunday nights:

There’s something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself.

(Yikes. Maybe I shouldn’t think about this quote at all, but I was thirteen when My So-Called Life aired, so I was powerless against it imprinting on me forever.)

There is more than a little teenage angst infused into that statement, but Sunday is also universally agreed-upon as one of the worst days of the week. Businesses open late and close early, you can’t buy certain things in some states and, after 6pm, it’s basically very early Monday morning.

But then I also think you just need to be prepared for the week. Take it easy these last few hours. Do some prep but make sure you have realistic expectations for your week and, more importantly, something, big or small, to look forward to. If you don’t ever have to go to a high school class ever again, bonus! Sunday is looking up.

I’m currently taking some time to relax tonight after getting a few things done– some writing, reading, and shopping, Now, I’m watching The West Wing on Netflix.

President Bartlet on The West Wing. Quote

Have a great week, everyone.

PS: Sarah and I recorded a new episode of Hey, Bestie! today too. We got real about some life things and caught up with each other on 2018 goals and things we’ve been up to. Coming soon…

Photo credit: NYT Watching

Travel Tips

Travel Tips

  • When you are sightseeing and come across a public restroom, use it. You never know when you will get another chance.
  • When departing in an airplane, play “Love like a sunset, Part I” by Phoenix when your plane begins to taxi down the runway. That song always seems to mimic the momentum of taking off, and if it syncs up with lift-off, it feels like magic.
  • Bring currency with you for tipping, even if they accept credit cards.
  • If you’re not fluent in the native language, be ready with guides and translation apps, even you know some of language and the citizens generally know English. It’s just polite to not assume anything, and you’ll learn more.
  • Take a nap if you feel like you need it. (Unless you are jet lagged, then see next point.)
  • Never nap when adjusting to a new time zone. I know you are so sleepy but you WILL REGRET IT. Look alive and push through. You can do it!
  • Only carry what you need. Only copies of Important documents should be on you, plus the cash or cards you need. It’s safer and traveling lighter feels better.
  • Just check the bag. Fighting for overhead space is the gladiatorial fight of our modern age.
  • Don’t overplan. You might be more tired on some days, discover an unexpected place you want to visit, or get a last minute recommendation from one of your Insta-followers. Have some flex time.
  • Always take photos.

Some photos from my trip to the Northwest (Oregon & Vancouver, Canada) in September 2017:

And from my Bestie trip to Connecticut in October 2017: