Month: July 2017

This Morning was Alright

This Morning was Alright

Today I:

  • Tried a gluten-free breakfast sandwich because they were out of everything else. It… wasn’t the best.
  • Tried to take Austin Kleon‘s very good advice about staying informed without burning yourself out on news before your day begins – You can be woke without waking up to the news. I lasted 20 minutes. Which is something. I’ll try again tomorrow!
  • Saw two dogs on campus that looked like the big and little versions of each other. (I couldn’t snap a photo because they were playing too much.)
    Hm, what else? Oh yeah…
  • Woke up to millions of Americans still having their healthcare. Woo!


I don’t suddenly feel less anxious about the overall state of the government, but today it seems a little easier to focus on the people who are doing good. Like ADAPT and the many women in our government who somehow find a way to keep fighting in the face of all this, like Patty MurrayKamala Harris, & Maxine Waters.

And last night, Mazie Hirono showed enormous courage:

We have a long road ahead, but just being able to even mention a few positive, encouraging people and news headlines today feels really good.

The Light & Dark of It

The Light & Dark of It

It’s a new week. And I’m still here.

  • Yesterday morning I missed a crucial left turn driving to work, so I had to drive about 10 minutes out of my way to turn around. I’ve never missed that turn.
  • My eyes have been sort of twitching on and off for over a week now. At first I thought it was something with my contacts, but then I stopped wearing my contacts…
  • I’ve been going to bed about an hour later and waking up about 30-45 minutes earlier every day for the past couple of weeks.
  • Lately, I feel perpetually behind on tasks and over-booked for activities. Nothing feels easy.
  • I forgot my office keys at home today too. I’ve never forgotten my office keys.

It’s a new week. And I want to be here.

  • Despite feeling exhausted, I’ve been setting time aside each day to draw, read, or work on a project I enjoy.
  • I’ve also been making time to just sit and watch something that makes me laugh, like Tiffany Haddish telling a story, or 30 Rock episodes on Netflix.
  • I’ve also been making time daily for 10 minutes of mindful meditation. Overall, this is beneficial, but specifically it helps me check-in with my brain & make sure I’m not telling myself too many negative stories.
  • Yoga with Adriene – 7 minute stress relief, remains essential to my weeks.
  • I decided to start therapy again to work on myself more. I realized last week that I have told three people this month about how much therapy has helped me manage my anxiety, so I’m going to take my own advice, and reach out for another source of help. We’re not alone.
Representation in Movies

Representation in Movies

The summer of 2016, I only saw three movies in the theater from May until September. This is unusual for me, since I love movies and enjoy most genres. But nothing really excited me. I saw Captain America: Civil War, Ghostbusters, and The Nice Guys. I enjoyed all three, but my favorite experience, by far, was Ghostbusters.

Watching four women save the world from ghosts was not only super fun, but it felt exciting in a way that was… specifically for me. I had goosebumps. It was honestly a little overwhelming. I went through a cycle of emotions after that– I was happy a big summer movie featuring women heroes existed, but I was also really irritated that so many movies still did not include women, POCs, and other perspectives in their stories. But maybe one day this wouldn’t feel so new and it would be normal to see everyone represented in wide-release summer movies?


[Cut to summer 2017]

This summer, the cinema has upped its game. Can we please talk about Wonder Woman?! I saw it opening night with my partner, and then gave it my money a second time with my best friend. (We both loved this movie in that specific Ghostbusters way.)

So hey, Hollywood– Now that I know what it feels like to watch movies that represent other experiences, I would like to see that all the time. It’s incredible. (And also you will make a lot of money, I promise.)

Recommendation: Go see Black Panther when it comes out because it looks fantastic!

Photo Credit: ScreenRant

A Friday List #2

A Friday List #2

  • I recently started a podcast with my best friend after months of remarking, “it feels like we’re podcasting.” during our weekly FaceTime chats. It’s fun, nerve-racking, and a big learning experience. I love it. We have six episodes up so far on topics like bullet journaling, The Rock, aging, and TV.
  • Last week I started Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002), a collection of diary entries by David Sedaris. I haven’t read much about Sedaris, so this has been an interesting introduction to his early life so far. And I’m a sucker for journals.
  • Wonder Woman is now the #1 DCEU movie, #1 summer movie in the U.S., and #2 superhero origin movie of all time. I’m kind of a nerd for box office numbers and this makes me very happy.
  • My one and only sister is arriving today for a visit! We have swimming, movies, snacks, pedicures, and sister-time planned. I’m excited.

I’ll Stick to Walking

I’ll Stick to Walking

People wake up and run miles every day, outside, to stay in shape. I’m not making this up. I’ve heard a lot about it on the internet.

Recently, Jeffrey Tambor told me (via his audio book) about how he once ran 10 miles a day to stay in shape for a rigorous work schedule for a play he was in. Side note: I enjoyed his memoir. It offers a lot of personal insight and fun tidbits like this:

Anyway, I suppose I “get” running. It works out your whole body, is good for your brain, burns calories more than almost anything else, can help manage anxiety, and is…fun? IDK. This clip comes to mind:

As someone who has always lived in an extremely warm climate, running outside confuses and fascinates me. It’s mostly too hot in the summer to even walk to my car most days without feeling miserable. I’ll admit propelling my body forward at a higher speed than I ever (probably) need to, the rush of the air, and the strong pumping of my heart does sound sort of appealing. Written down. Or in an air conditioned room.

Even assuming I could get used to waking up extra early before it’s “too hot,” and got in better shape so I eventually enjoyed running, getting to that point would require basically torturing myself for several months first. Alas, for now I will refuse to start my day gasping for oxygen, engulfed in sweat. Seems logical.